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City of London Open Spaces

West Ham Park Great School Run

City of London Open Spaces Map The City of London owns and manages over 10,900 acres (4,411 hectares) of historic and natural open space, for public recreation and health.

Our Open Spaces, most of which are charitable trusts, are run at no cost to the communities that they serve. They are funded principally by the City of London, together with grants, trading income, donations and sponsorship.

Our spaces are enjoyed by millions of visitors each year. They are important wildlife habitats, sites of scientific interest and national nature reserves for the public to enjoy.

The City of London Open Spaces Department is committed to providing the best service possible within available resources, ensuring fair and efficient sustainable management, good communications and an open learning culture.

Download a larger version of the Open Spaces map (PDF 646kb)

Wellbeing Events Diary 2012 PDF Wellbeing Festival  

The City of London Open Spaces Wellbeing Festival encourages and inspires communities to use open spaces - get out and join in the large number of activities happening in your local green space this year. For more information on the campaign please have a look at our Wellbeing Events Diary 2012.pdf (3.8mb) or see our Wellbeing page.

Why not try one of our Wellbeing Events Diary 2012 - Top 20 things to do in City of London Open Spaces in 2012 this summer? 



Top 20 things to do in City of London Open Spaces 2012 Highlights include:

  • Take an evening picnic to Parliament Hill, Hampstead Heath and watch the sunset over the Olympic venues
  • Visit the free zoo in Golders Hill Park and meet a ring tailed lemur!
  • Join a Heritage Walk around the City of London Cemetery and Crematorium
  • Spot where Harry Potter was filmed in Burnham Beeches
  • Promenade through the extraordinary hidden Pergola at Hampstead Heath
  • See the active airfield at Kenley Common and World War II fighter pens
  • Run one of six way marked trails across Epping Forest

Open Spaces Annual 2010/11 Report Front Cover Department publications

Grow your own career in horticulture

We are one of the founding organisations of Grow, who promote careers in horticulture and green space management. From ecology and environmental research to landscape management and planning, these important and rewarding careers are just waiting for you.  To find out what careers are available take a look at the Grow website.

Contact us

For general open space enquiries please call 020 7332 3505 or browse our individual Open Space site pages all listed on the left hand menu.

If you notice any faults or problems - such as damaged signs, fences or stiles, fly-tipping, excessive litter or obstructions on footpaths - in our open spaces you can now report them online.

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